You can buy the Season Tickets as follows:

Daily, Monday to Saturday 9:00 to 17:00

– PAFOS FC BLUE STORE BOUTIQUE: 7 Aristarchou Street, 8015, Pafos, Tombs of the Kings Roundabout
– Contact Phone on +35726221500

SECTIONS ADULT (21 - 64)STUDENT (14 - 20)KID (1 - 13)PENSIONERS (65+)
Δ305 , Δ306 , 309NEW€270€150€50€200
Δ205 , Δ207 , Δ209NEW €200€110€30€150
Δ101 - Δ104 , Δ110 - Δ113NEW€150€80€20€110
Δ201 - Δ204 , Δ210 - Δ213RENEWAL€99€65€20€99
Δ301 - Δ304 , Δ310 - Δ313

    The Season Tickets will include all the Home games of our team for the Championship and Cyprus Cup, apart from the Cyprus Cup Final.

    Get your season ticket seat today because #wearepafos and we are #GrowingTogether

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